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The main purpose of wearing a disposable diaper is to absorb the moisture of the baby’s excretions so that the baby does not become immediately fussy and does not wake up due to the dampness. With modern technology, design and attention to detail, we manufacture diapers with improved quality and style to suit the baby's physique and development. Diapers for newborns have a navel protection design to reduce friction against the umbilical cord that has not dropped or dried yet. It also helps prevent infections in newborn babies. This is a period that requires special care in regards to hygiene. Disposable tape diapers that can be easily adjusted in size allow for ease and comfort, as well as most effectively reduce leakage. Disposable pant diapers are suitable for crawling age and toddlers who are constantly moving during the day. Disposable diapers designed to be used at night have higher absorbency and ventilation, which also protect against leakage. At Antrorse Foundation we manufacture best quality diapers. Our Research and Development Team makes sure that our products are best in the market.

Antrorse Foundation gives jobs to the women with the help of our manufacturing units so that women in India become self dependent and can lead a better life.

Anyone interested to help us in this mission can give their contribution. All contributions to Antrorse Foundation are exempted u/s 80G of IT Act 1961. Please transfer the fund to the below given account number and send us the payment receipt to with a copy of Pan Card and Aadhar Card. Receipt will be sent to avail the benefits of Tax Exemption.